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Since this project began, we have compiled hundreds of examples documenting how testimonials in the media and the arts are used by people from sexual or gender minorities, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people with an experience in sex work. This growing archive includes print and electronic documents (news reports, articles, books, reports, digital media etc.) as well as over 400 videos and films.

According to a quick, initial review of the archive, people who give public testimonials constitute a diverse group that that extends from artists, activists, and athletes to dominatrixes, immigrants, parents, soldiers, and youth. Their testimonials come in many forms – blogs, photos, conferences, podcasts, interviews, exhibitions, and more – and address a diversity of themes such as activism, love, education, criminalization, disclosure and coming out, politics, legislation, health, and sports.

We are currently developing a database to make this archive of testimonial examples available to the public and support special projects.

A portion of the archive can be consulted by appointment at the project office. Please contact us by phone or email. We also invite you to add to the database by sending us your own examples of testimonials by people who belong to minority groups based on their sexual or gender identities or experiences.

Consult the research activity report here (in French).

Featured testimonials

As featured in the project newsletters, the following are among the testimonial examples recently added to our archive: