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Maria Teresia Mari

Maria Teresia Mari is a bachelor’s degree student in social work. After several years of experience in communication in the cultural field, she decides to move towards a path closer to her values. Driven by a passion for narratives, she holds a Master’s degree in cinema from France. it is therefore first in fictional stories that she was interested. Today, her curiosity about others and their experiences leads her to dig into real and lived stories, and that is why she joins the Cultures du témoignage team as a research assistant.

Izara Gilbert

Izara Gilbert (she/her) is a candidate for a master’s degree in social work. Student researcher member of the Center for Research on Social Innovations (CRISES) and the Observatory of Profiling (ODP), her work is specialized in territorial discrimination, imaginaries of deviance, and social policies in youth intervention. She joins the team to coordinate the project Cohabitation UQAM and urban marginalities.